Monday, August 30, 2010

An Introduction to Advaith Hyundai

If you live in Bangalore, you have definitely heard of Advaith Hyundai. It has one huge showroom on Residency road and an even bigger one on Outer Ring road. But even if you haven't passed by either of those or the other two showrooms at Bannerghatta and Vasanthnagar. You could not have possibly missed all of the 60,000 Advaith Hyundai cars roaming the streets of the city. Pull up to any signal or get stuck in a traffic jam and chances are the rear windshield of the vehicle in front of you reads Advaith Hyundai "Caring for you ...always." 

Advaith Hyundai is currently Hyundai's favourite Indian car dealer for India's favourite cars. It has received the award for "Best Dealer in the Country" for 5 consecutive years. Apart from which it has received numerous other awards. Advaith Hyundai is one of the largest automotive retail corporations in India and one of the worlds largest sales and most awarded dealerships. 

At present Advaith Hyundai has 8 service centers and 4 big showrooms in Bangalore with a few showrooms and service centers outside the city in places like Mangalore, Mysore etc. The Outer Ring road showroom is the biggest in the city - spread across 2 levels, it provides a  unique experience which you have to visit to truely appreciate. Advaith Hyundai has a 1200 strong work force and offers a wide array of products and serivces aimed at pleasing the customer. The scope of Advaith Hyundai's operations continues to grow at a very fast pace. But it was not always so. 

Advaith Hyundai, a wholly owned company of the Advaith Group was set up way back in 1998 by esteemed business men such as Mr. M. K. Panduranga Setty (Chariman), Mr. M. P. Shyam (Director), Mr. S. V. S. Subramanya Gupta (Director) and Mr. A. C. Krishna Raju (Director).

Together these gentlemen had 12 years ago envisioned Advaith Hyundai to be a constant source of delight to customers buying cars with a mission to exceed their expectations. And rightfully so, Advaith Hyundai has grown into just such a company over the years. The 60,000  Advaith Hyundai cars on the streets of Bangalore and other regions of Karnataka are testament to the same.


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