Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monsoon Car Care

The monsoons are almost upon us (in some places, the rain has already arrived) and the time has come to make sure your car is prepared for it. Listed here are five pointers that will go a long way in keeping your automobile in prime health even during the deluge.

Your car’s tyres are the only four points of contact your vehicle has with the road, so they’re crucial. With the rains, road surfaces become slippery and traction is the only thing that keeps you from skidding into a ditch. Check your tyres for adequate tread depth and for signs of abnormal wear, cracks and bulges. Replace the tyre if any one of these faults is observed.

Preventive maintenance
If it’s time to replace your car’s fluids, do it now. Lubricate all required points (especially crucial with older cars) liberally, because moisture has a nasty tendency to creep between metal components. Check the brake pads and liners for wear and replace them immediately if they are worn beyond their service tolerances; your brake oil needs to be changed if it’s been two years or 40,000 km, whichever is earlier.

Wipers, headlights, tail lights and indicators
Rain reduces visibility dramatically, and without a good set of wipers and properly functioning lights, you are inviting trouble. Replace your car’s wipers — last year’s wipers have in all likelihood hardened and cracked, even if they seem all right — and check the lights and battery health. All electrical connections should be protected adequately against moisture. Electrical insulation tape might be convenient, but it’s no match for water. Use proper connectors wherever needed and use heat shrunk covers wherever possible.

Moisture plays havoc with paint. Pollution increases the acidity of rain water and this increases the toll on a car’s body surface significantly. You can help stem this damage by treating your car to a sparkle, with a good quality wax polish. Besides improving the vehicle’s appearance, a good polish helps dispel moisture, hence reducing the corrosive effect of water.

Tool kit
You don’t need to bundle your mechanic into the boot every time you set off from your house. Carry some moisture-dispersing aerosol spray, a clean and dry rag, some spare headlight and tail light bulbs, a screw driver, a functional torch and an adjustable wrench. This is besides the usual jack, tommy and wheel spanner that should permanently reside in the boot of every car.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Torque for Hyundai Getz

I bought my Hyundai Getz in early 2005. I was happy with the space, finish, build quality, easy ingress and egress and even the boot space. But I always felt that the engine lacked punch. On the high way it had poor overtaking speed particularly over 100 kph. I am not a particularly spirited driver but I do like to drive at a decent clip and not having good overtaking speed can be a hazard.

So I decided to seek help. My friend Raj Hingorani is one of India's top tuners. We decided that we should improve the breathing and the scavenging of exhaust gases. We removed the stock air intake and replaced it with a K&N cold air intake.

K&N Cold Air Intake
Here is a little tip about replacing air intake. Disconnect the battery for about 30 mins. This  deletes the airflow data in the memory. Change the air filter and re-connect the battery. Start the engine on full throttle and release it as soon as it hits about 5000 rpm. Take the car for a drive for about 5 mins. The new air flow data is now logged in the memory.

The immediate result was that the engine was revving more freely and there was a marginal improvement in acceleration as well as low speed traction.

Raj then designed an exhaust system. My requirement was low end and mid range torque. Raj designed a 4-2-1 header with long secondaries and 15" primary pipes. He has a fantastic  fabricator who built it in a day! We then decided to coat it with ceramic coating. Ceramic insulation stops the heat from escaping so the hot exhaust gases retains the temperature to large extent and flow out quickly; hot gases being lighter flows out faster. The trick is to get the exhaust gases out of the system as quickly as possible.

Exhaust Headers
Again a little tip on headers: the diameter of the pipes are critical for getting the full benefit. To large a diameter slows the gases and too small a diameter does not allow the gases to fully exit the combustion chamber. The principle is to scavenge the cylinder of all exhaust gases so that the incoming fresh charge does not get contaminated and has the opportunity to fill the cylinder. Secondly the primary and secondary pipe lengths must be properly calculated so that the pressure pulses created by the opening and closing of the valves and the sound waves are complimentary from each cylinder. Calculating these lengths for the kind of performance required requires an expertise best left to the tuners! Be clear to give them a proper brief if you want the headers to match your driving style.
A properly designed header should improve the power output between 8-12%. When we went for a test run I could immediately notice the improvement in acceleration, more importantly the car was much more fun to drive. Through the gear acceleration had improved noticeably.

Most exhaust silencers compromise on power for the sake of reducing sound. Motor vehicle laws do not permit sound beyond a certain level. I am not sure if this applies to super cars and bikes which are incredible loud! So I went in search of a straight through silencer with high flow through capacity. Its no point having a header with a silencer which has poor flow rates!
I found a Remus box from Methods Automotive which had excellent flow rate.

Silencer - Remus Tail Box
It also produced a nice deep exhaust note which both Raj and I liked very much. So we fitted it. Now the intake and the exhaust were working to almost their full potential.
Raj suggested that we also change the plugs to more efficient Bosch Platinum Iridium plugs. Luckily Raj had a few sets and I took one off him!

Bosch Platinum Fusion Spark Plug
Now all the changes that we wanted had been done. It felt like the Getz had a bigger engine. I would be lucky if I could get more than 11 kilometers to a liter of petrol. I wanted to check the fuel efficiency too.

I took the car to Mysore and onward to Coorg. For the first time I felt really good driving the Getz. I could easily overtake at speeds above 120 kph. More importantly I did not have to frequently change gears. Even on the hills in Coorg it climbed effortlessly and I really felt that spending the money was worth it.The best part was the fuel efficiency improved by 1.5 kmpl. That's almost a 15% increase in fuel efficiency!

Then the best thing happened. Somender Singh is an old time buddy of mine. An old hand in racing, modification and tuning, Somender has a US patent on a very simple invention. Its called Singh's Grooves.

Go to www.somender-singh.com to find out what it does. On one of my trips to Mysore I stopped at his place. He drove the car and said that he would like to cut the grooves on the cylinder head. Basically the grooves significantly improves the speed at which the combustion flame spreads inside the combustion chamber as well as the uniformity of the combustion. The net result is that the torque increases at very low engine speeds and more importantly reduces the emissions to the extent that even without the cat the emission norms are met! I left the car with him.

After 4 days he came back and the results fascinating. The torque spread is so wide that I can drive on 4th and 5th at around idling speed and accelerate smoothly without having to change gears. Of course the acceleration is also improved. But I am not racing on the streets!

I had been contemplating changing my car, but now I don't think I will. Advaith Hyundai takes very good care of the car and they maintain it very well. More importantly I enjoy driving the car, so why change?

This blog was guest written by S.G. To know more visit his blog More Torque.

In case any one of you want to get in touch with Raj send him a mail at  powerwheels@hotmail.com

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Best Dressed Hyundai Contest

Contest Dates:
21st  December 2010 to 21st February 2011.

Prize: Rs. 5,000 worth of Hyundai car accessories from an Advaith Hyundai showroom.

How to Participate:
  1. Click a picture of you, along with your Hyundai car. We encourage creativity.
  2. Follow AdvaithHyundai on Twitter.
  3. Tweet the image of you along with your Hyundai car (use Twitpic or any such service to upload the image to your tweet)
  4. Tweet YOUR NAME “and my Hyundai” CAR MODEL.
  5. Add @AdvaithHyundai #BestDressedHyundai to your tweet.
  6. You can fill out the rest of the tweet with a custom message.
  7. Tweet.
  8. Example: YOUR NAME and my Hyundai CAR MODEL @AdvaithHyundai #BestDressedHyundai WHATEVERYOUWANT
  9. You can add additional images if you want.
  10. Get your tweet retweeted as much as possible.

The winner of the contest will be decided based on the following factors:
  1. The best looking Hyundai car
  2. The quality of the image 
  3. The total number of retweets that a participant’s tweet receives.

For updates on the when and where the winner will be announced follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Rules for Participation:
  1. Participants must be above 18 years of age.
  2. Participants must live in either Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore or Hassan.
  3. Image must be of the person/ immediate family member of the person who owns the twitter handle being used to enter the contest.
  4. Hyundai car featured in the image must belong to the person/ immediate family member of the person who owns the twitter handle being used to enter the contest.
  5. The competition will end on the 21st of February at 11 p.m. Entries and retweets after that time will not be considered.
  6. The winner decided by Advaith Hyundai Panel will be final. 
  7. The Advaith Hyundai Panel reserves the right not to award the prize in case entries submitted are below standard.
  8. The winner can only claim accessories worth Rs. 5,000 for the Hyundai car featured in the image used to enter the contest from an Advaith Hyundai showroom.

Monday, August 30, 2010

An Introduction to Advaith Hyundai

If you live in Bangalore, you have definitely heard of Advaith Hyundai. It has one huge showroom on Residency road and an even bigger one on Outer Ring road. But even if you haven't passed by either of those or the other two showrooms at Bannerghatta and Vasanthnagar. You could not have possibly missed all of the 60,000 Advaith Hyundai cars roaming the streets of the city. Pull up to any signal or get stuck in a traffic jam and chances are the rear windshield of the vehicle in front of you reads Advaith Hyundai "Caring for you ...always." 

Advaith Hyundai is currently Hyundai's favourite Indian car dealer for India's favourite cars. It has received the award for "Best Dealer in the Country" for 5 consecutive years. Apart from which it has received numerous other awards. Advaith Hyundai is one of the largest automotive retail corporations in India and one of the worlds largest sales and most awarded dealerships. 

At present Advaith Hyundai has 8 service centers and 4 big showrooms in Bangalore with a few showrooms and service centers outside the city in places like Mangalore, Mysore etc. The Outer Ring road showroom is the biggest in the city - spread across 2 levels, it provides a  unique experience which you have to visit to truely appreciate. Advaith Hyundai has a 1200 strong work force and offers a wide array of products and serivces aimed at pleasing the customer. The scope of Advaith Hyundai's operations continues to grow at a very fast pace. But it was not always so. 

Advaith Hyundai, a wholly owned company of the Advaith Group was set up way back in 1998 by esteemed business men such as Mr. M. K. Panduranga Setty (Chariman), Mr. M. P. Shyam (Director), Mr. S. V. S. Subramanya Gupta (Director) and Mr. A. C. Krishna Raju (Director).

Together these gentlemen had 12 years ago envisioned Advaith Hyundai to be a constant source of delight to customers buying cars with a mission to exceed their expectations. And rightfully so, Advaith Hyundai has grown into just such a company over the years. The 60,000  Advaith Hyundai cars on the streets of Bangalore and other regions of Karnataka are testament to the same.